How can I trust a person I don't know well alone in my house?

First things first: Please ask for the valid id of the guest who booked you and keep photocopy of the valid id and a photograph of him/her with you for your own records. However records can also be  found on under your account booking history. But following this manually will make you both (the host and the Guest more cautious). Please confirm that the id belongs to the same person. Practicing this simple step will make you feel confident about your guest and will also make you know him/her better.

Please Be safe & assured by police verification of your guest and Rent Agreement as per your requirement while going for long term/monthly basis rental. This is
advised to all the Hosts/Property owners going for Long-Term Rental. We assume that Hosts/Owners going for Short-Term/Daily-Basis rental are experienced enough in
handeling and entertaining guests.

Normally, the person you welcome will not stay in our home during the day and will instead, visit the city and region.

So, after a breakfast together, you both leave the house and part ways for the day. There will be many things for them to do, whether it is a day trip to a nearby city, museum, etc... There are so many things to discover when traveling!

You can meet up for dinner in the evening to converse in their native language.

That is the concept.