1. Functioning

For full access to the platform, you have to sign up and have your profile approved by our moderator. 

You pay nothing to create your account, it’s free of charge. 
You can then choose to be a host, or a traveler, Then, simply look at the profiles posted on Mybnbnest. 

Select your destination and contact the corresponding hosts or travelers

1. Costing

MybnbNest is totally free to use.

1. Usage

For the Host
It’s a unique opportunity to not only to earn but also learn a language with a native-speaker, make international friends informally (at home, with your family, at mealtime, in the evening, going out, etc.) but very effectively, in immersion conditions. 

For the Traveler
Staying with a local resident lets you experience local life, discover a country’s customs and traditions, and spend time with people representative of the place you’re visiting, tasting the local cuisine... ideal conditions that few travelers can ordinarily enjoy. You save lots of money on accommodation and meals.
It’s also a very safe way of traveling and in some remote countries, staying with locals is safest.

1. Profile Edit

              Your profile photo and all your information can be changed from your Dashboard. Once you're connected ( logged-in), click on your profile photo, then click Dashboard in the dropdown menu. You will see different sections allowing you to update and modify all your information.

1. Confirmation Mail

An email allowing you to confirm your address was sent as soon as you signed up. Sometimes it ends up in your Spam folder. If you accidentally erased this email, you can request a new one from the sign-in page

1. Reply

Because we are a free collaborative platform, exchanges depend on the motivation of the members. To increase your chances of an answer, make sure you have a completed profile with photos and as much detail as possible: your interests, your home and city (if you are a host), your travel plans (if you are a traveler), etc. When you send a message, present yourself and explain your idea for an exchange.

We strongly recommend to all our members that they politely reply to all messages, even if they can't commit to an exchange.

Certain members who live in high-demand cities receive a large amount of messages, while others connect rarely, or only when they are planning on traveling.

For these reasons, it is possible you may not have a response to your message.

1. Assurance

First things first: Please ask for a valid id (identity card) of the guest who booked you and keep photocopy of the valid id and a photograph of him/her with you for your own records. However records can also be  found on mybnbnest.com under your account booking history. But following this manually will make you both (the host and the Guest more cautious). Please confirm that the id belongs to the same person. Practicing this simple step will make you feel confident about your guest and will also make you know him/her better. 
Normally, the person you welcome will not stay in our home during the day and will instead, visit the city and region.
So, after a breakfast together, you both leave the house and part ways for the day. There will be many things for them to do, whether it is a day trip to a nearby city, museum, etc... There are so many things to discover when traveling!
You can meet up for dinner in the evening to converse in their native language.
That is the concept!

1. Report an Issue 

Use the Report an Issue button.

When you use the button, you are anonymously reporting a profile, photo, message, spam emails etc., all that seems suspicious, unethical or immoral to you.  You can also report a bug which is interfering with the smooth functioning of the site or any translation errors. 

This information will be immediately attended to internally by our team. 

We will keep a record of written interactions between us so that we can ensure quick handling of the issue. This will also help us review your interactions with us so that we can provide you with the best possible service. 

1. Will I get good response?

This is a geniune question that  arises in every mind. Well this all depends upon number of factors such as Tourism, Population density, Jobs, Geographical connectivity of your area to to the world and other factors such as events and festivals nearby your area such as sports,music,traditional and cultural festivals. 

1. I want to rent out my properties. So what is the formality to be taken?


If you want to list Your services You may just Go to the Home Page (www.MybnbNest.com) Click on "Join for Free " button.

Choose an suitable option for you to sign up.

Create your Profile by adding your personal details.

Add property Details

Add Bank Details to recieve rent.

Wait for our moderators to verify and approve your profile. It normally takes less than 24 hours. If it is taking more than 24 hours please login to your account and look for any possible error in your profile. Check for your Property Images, Complete Address, Price and other informations provided by you by going to Properties>Edit section.